Top 6 Mobile App Builder Tools Used by Mobile App Developers in New York

The digital presence of a business organization is considered as the yardstick of success. This has ushered in the need of developing a mobile application for one’s business. Mobile development has become one of the significant and integral aspects of a business nowadays.The role of a mobile app for beneficial business purposes cannot be ignored in the age of advanced digitization. The best part of mobile apps is that it helps to bridge the gap between the business unit (and owner) and the valued customers. As a business owner, you will find that a mobile app is the best possible way to send in important business notifications to millions of customers worldwide, at one-go.It is the most effective tool to register direct communication between the business owner and the user. The instant connect clicks with your valued customers and vice-versa with the help of an Android or iOS smartphone. Hence, building a business app has become a must. It is best to seek the assistance of top mobile developers in New York to design an app that’s high on UI and UX.

Smart Tools that Help To Build Up an Effective Business App

Smartest mobile app builders are being used by leading app development companies in New York. Techies prefer using tools that are open source, like:


It has umpteen power to customize android app development with JavaScript. Innumerable open source plugins of the platform give app developers the power to implement an app within shortest possible time.

Framework 7

This smart tool is used by New York app developers to replicate the look of an iOS app on an Android platform. Usually open source tools require good deal of learning, but mobile app developers can muster up Framework 7 with the knowledge in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

jQuery Mobile

Old is god, this holds true for JQuery mobile app tool. Majority of mobile websites are powered by the technology of JQuery because of the amazing functionalities it offers to mobile application developers.

Mobile Angular UI

This tool holds similarity with JQuery mobile. It helps developers working in a mobile application development agency to create a HTML5 powered mobile app integrated with the technologies of Angular JS and Bootstrap. It creates a good UX for mobile apps and helps in seamless transitioning from mobile to desktop and vice-versa.


This is one of the leading cross-platform mobile app tools used by app development companies in New York. It is based on Saas CSS language and can be easily integrated with Angular JS technology to power up more advanced apps.


Microsoft owned Xamarin is another favorite of mobile application development companies in New York. Xamarin helps to leverage the power of cross-platform mobile app development – that is it allows code sharing across multiple platforms. With C# codebase, top mobile developers can create effective business apps on the platforms of Windows, Android and iOS. The cloud service of Xamarin is the cherry on the cake – the mobile app can be tested across endless number of devices.

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