Top 5 Mobile App Development To Watch Out This 2020

Mobile App Development trends are one of the major topics that’s talked about in the techie world. The industry is getting an increased revenue offering such related services, and as per Statista, mobile apps are expected to bring out $581.9 billion in revenue this 2020.

Hence, it’s an exciting moment for mobile app development companies and Mobile Application Developers  as the trend is materializing and growing as it simplifies the lives of many in different ways.

Last year, in terms of tech progress, we have witnessed the transformation taking place from AI mobile applications to IoT. Whatever has taken places over the last few years will now remodel the mobile app development. Let’s have a peep into the trends that will dominate this year.

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already is a known term, and the market is in demand for it. Hence, many industries are now embracing it and trying to combine the system with human intelligence.

Manufacturing and Medical sectors have already implemented AI in various departments for promoting efficiency.

When we talk of the relevance of Machine Learning and AI to Mobile App Development London, it plays a very crucial role as it can learn the procedure from the development stage to its final stage. Also, it can learn and identify human behaviours and activities and apply required action when needed without no guidelines.

The need for Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has gone way beyond just cryptocurrencies, it also made its ways to the mobile app development segments.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks when added continuously adds new data and therefore prevents creating fake documents or data breaching.

Several companies are now making Blockchain-enabled mobile app as it’s easier for asset traders and it allows people to have control over their own assets and use for all sorts of transactions and payments.

Internet of Things

IoT has gained quite a popularity on smartphones as you could almost do anything with internet on your phone. You can lock your home from a faraway location suing an IoT power lock which is just an example. But the things IoT can bring and change the way of life is amazing.

It’s however gained its popularity in the mobile app development segment too, as IoT continues to progress it will take the android app development company and the iPhone App Development Company in London along with its success. And, that’s because they go hand in hand in bringing convenience to the users lives.

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is extremely popular in the marketing field as it offers appropriate instructions and notifications for the users. It acts as a bridge between users and companies, which have made it quite demanding in various sectors such as hotels, healthcare, museums etc.

After Goole’s Eddystone and Apple’s I Beacon, it is now part and parcel of iOS and android app development London. It will be an exciting gifted year to witness the use of the beacon-enabled application in various industries.

A shift towards cloud-integrated mobile apps

Could technology is one of the most trusted platforms to store data securely, smoothly and quickly. There’s has been rumoured about cloud technology into making its entrance at quite a great extent this year, and we are hoping and looking forward to exciting cloud-integrated mobile apps along the way. It will be beneficial for the mobile app development industry as both users and developers can be the profitable form it.

Winding Up

With all the aforementioned trends for mobile app developers in London out there, lookout as the competition will increase and keep a tab on the latest trends before you starting your app projects.

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